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Hotel,Gym,Swimming pools Towels anti theft uhf rfid solution

Thousands of towels are taken out of hotels or fitness centers every day. Unfortunately, many customers think that towels found in hotel or fitness centers rooms are theirs to take while others simply pack them into their luggage by mistake.


Regardless of the reason, hotels/fitness centers  end up losing thousands of dollars on towel theft every year. To prevent this problem, Reliablerfid has put together a solution to prevent towel theft from hotels/fitness centers .


Using cutting edge Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) technology, Reliablerfid can track towels and detect whenever they leave the hotel at the door. Reliablerfid uses advanced RFID Laundry tags that withstand severe washing conditions with high pressure and temperature environment.


For tracking, the tags are simply sown directly onto the towels or with heat sealing installation. To implement this solution, Reliablerfid suggest to install RFID readers and antennas on the hotel main exits. Whenever a towel with a tag passes through the exit an alarm is sounded .


The solution will work even when towels are hidden inside the luggage.


With our towel anti-theft solution, a hotel will be able to:


Prevent towel loss
Cut costs associated with security employees
Simplify the use of towels at hotel facilities without much hassle to the employees and customers
Sound an alarm whenever a towel is taken outside the hotel

This solution is very to install and deploy and even easier to use.


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