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UHF Handheld Reader

  • UHF RFID Bluetooth Reader
  • UHF RFID Bluetooth Reader
  • UHF RFID Bluetooth Reader
UHF RFID Bluetooth ReaderUHF RFID Bluetooth ReaderUHF RFID Bluetooth Reader

UHF RFID Bluetooth Reader

  • Size:180(L)*55 (W)*30(H)mm
  • Frequency:865-868MHz/902-928MHz
  • RF Output:30dBm
  • Read distance:3-5m
  • Product description: Asset Inventory Management UHF RFID Bluetooth Reader


1. Save repeat purchase cost by operation online with available PDA, smart phone and tablet PC via Bluetooth communication;

2. Support reading/writing electronic tags up to ISO-18000-6B,ISO-18000-6C(EPC G2);

3. Easy to read tags and meanwhile easy to check/confirm on PDA screen;

4. Low cost, more economical than handheld reader integrating with PDA;

5. Reliable industrial structure design, workable in varied severe environment.


Model Number


Performance Index


902-928MHz/865-868MHz or Customized

RF output

30dBm, Can be adjustable

Read distance(2W ERP)

Read :>4m, Write >40cm(With Standard RFID Card)

Communication Interface: USB1.1, Bluetooth IEEE802.15 ( rate 1Mbps)


180(L)*55 (W)*30(H)mm

Power supply Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery (3.7V,3200mAh)

Reading instructions

Vibration motor, Buzzer, LED

Memory Card

2GB(Mini SD)

Standby time

150 hours, scan times for Full charging: 5000



Protection grade


Work temperature

-20 ºC to +50  ºC

Storage temperature                  -25°C to70°C

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