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  • Access control UHF RFID Gate Reader
  • Access control UHF RFID Gate Reader
Access control UHF RFID Gate ReaderAccess control UHF RFID Gate Reader

Access control UHF RFID Gate Reader

  • Frequency:865-868MHz/902-928MHz
  • RF output:30dBm adjustable
  • Read distance:1-6m
  • Antenna: Built in 4pcs 10dBi Antenna
  • Product description: Long Range Access Gate UHF RFID Reader Student Tracking School Attendance System

UHF RFID Gate Reader-Order Now


Based on independent intellectual property development, adapt reader to work with global frequency range.

RFID gate reader is combined by RFID antennas, reader, EAS sound and light alarm system, power supply and other assistant equipments. When goods or person attached with RFID tag go through the channel, RFID antenna will read the information and real time send to reader and related processor, to achieve the goods or person management.


Library gate reader

Meeting attendance

School attendance

Retail shop anti-theft system

Facility access control

Exhibition auto sign-in management


Model Number


Performance Index

Frequency range


FM mode

FHSS or fixed frequency, set by the software

RF output

30dBm adjustable

Antenna connection qty’

4 SMA antenna ports, 10dbi circular polarization antenna, the height of antenna adjustable

Communication interface

TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Wiegand26/34, WIFI(Optional)

Communication rate

Serial port 9600115200bpsRJ45 100Mbps

Power dissipation


GP I/O interface

12 pin + 4 pin

EAS Alarm(Option)

3S Sound and light Alarm

Application software

Provide with API SDK and VC, VB, Java application routines

Tag Operation Performance

Reading distance

1-6m equipped with 10dbi antenna (tag dependent)


EPC global UHF ISO-18000-6CEPC G2

Mechanical and Electrical Performance


Package: 165*66*40cm(Wooden box)/Weight:70KG

Power supply

Equipped with power convertor 110-220V AC input, 9V/3A DC output


5% to 95%, non-condensing

Protection grade


Operation temperature

-20 ºC to +50  ºC

Storage temperature

-25°C to 60°C

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